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Steps of Using !Advanced Album Editor

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make a web siteWhat is !Advanced Album Editor?

    !Advanced Album Editor can help you organizing your digital images, generate thumbnails and make a web site quickly and easily. You can make a web site to publish your own digital images with thumbnails in seconds. Thumbnails(jpeg format) can be generated automatically, and images that are not gif or jpeg format(such as BMP, DIB, ICO, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, TIFF, WMF, etc.) can be convert to jpeg format automatically. You need not to write any HTML codes to make a web site. !Advanced Album Editor can automatically generate all HTML pages for the web site.Free trial download.

    !Advanced Album Editor can also help you to make other gallery. You can share these files on internet with other people:

  • Photos, Images, and Pictures (gif, jpg, jpeg, BMP, DIB, ICO, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIF, TIFF, WMF ...)
  • Audio files (mp3, wav, mid ...)
  • Video files (avi, mpeg, wmv ...)
  • Documents (doc, xls, ppt ,txt ...)
  • Download files (zip, exe, gz ....)

    The usage of !Advanced Album Editor is simply. Collect photos, images, pictures, mp3s, documents and other materials in different folders, import them, set options value, export site, then you will get all HTML pages of your own web sites. It is quickly, easily and interesting.

    !Advanced Album Editor is easy to use. Follow the below steps, you can make your own web site in seconds.

make a web siteSteps of Using !Advanced Album Editor

  1. Collect files in different folders.
    make a web site

  2. Run !Advanced Album Editor. Browse files in File Explorer,images can be displayed by using thumbnail icons.
    make a web site

  3. We can convert images to BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, PCX or TIFF formats.
    image converter

  4. Browse images in slide show mode.
    slide show

  5. Select folders and files in File Explorer.
    make a web site

  6. Drag selected folders and files from File Explorer to Album Explorer.
    make a web site

  7. A folder can contain both folders and items.
    make a web site

  8. Modify caption and description of each item.
    make a web site

  9. Customize web site properties and layout properties.
    make a web site
    make a web site

  10. Export the web site.
    make a web site

  11. There is your own web site! Thumbnails can be generated, and images can be convert to JPG format automatically.
    make a web site
    make a web site

    make a web site

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